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The main purpose of the furniture cover is to protect items from dust and debris. Many appliances in the home need to use dust covers, such as televisions, desktop computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and so on. Because if dust and debris enter the interior of these appliances, they will destroy their internal structure, affecting the use effect and service life. The dust cover was originally invented mainly to protect precision instruments, and it is now inseparable from daily life.

Furniture Cover Classification

The dust cover used in home life is mainly divided into three types: electrical appliances, furniture, and clothing.

The dust cover for electrical appliances not only can block dust, but most of them also have a certain ability to waterproof and damp. This is designed according to the characteristics of electrical products, and most of the dust covers for electrical appliances can be customized to adapt to the size of different appliances' size.

Furniture dust cover is a dust cover designed to protect furniture and bedding from dust when traveling. Generally, light and soft cotton fabrics are used, and the style is not particular, as long as the furniture is wrapped.

Clothing dust covers can protect clothing, especially heavy winter clothes, which have been hanging in the closet for a long time, and the clothes are dusty, but clothes such as fur cannot be washed often. You only need to put on a dust cover to solve these problems and keep your clothes clean and tidy.

Furniture Cover Material

First, the non-woven material is special, thicker and stiffer than ordinary cloth, and the cotton cloth will not drop. It is convenient for sewing. Non-woven fabrics are divided into domestic fabrics and imported fabrics. Domestic fabrics are thin, soft, and easy to fuzz. Imported fabrics are relatively thick, flat, and stiff. They have a good feel and are ideal for hand-made. It is non-toxic, odorless, and free from any residue when burning.

Oxford cloth: Also known as Oxford spinning, it was originally a colored fabric. It is easy to wash and dry quickly, feels soft, has good hygroscopicity, and is comfortable to wear. Oxford cloth multi-purpose polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn are interwoven, and weft or square weave.

Polyester 600D: A type of chemical fiber, which is common polyester or cotton-like fiber made from its improvement. Polyester is professionally classified as polyester fiber. The component is a chemical polymer. There are small molecules to synthesize large molecules. Therefore, compared with ordinary cotton, the advantage is that it is easier to save and less prone to mold.

Parameter of Furniture Cover


80 x 90 x 60 cm


3-panel furniture cover


Polyester 600D


Polyester 600D


No zipper






Screen printing


Waterproof and UV resistant

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