Garden Outdoor Cover
Garden Outdoor Cover

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The material of Garden Outdoor Cover is made of polyester fiber, the melting point of the outdoor protective cover material is about 255 ℃, the glass transition temperature is about 70 ℃, the garden outdoor cover is stable in shape and washable under a wide range of application conditions.

Advantages of Garden Outdoor Cover

  • High breaking strength and elastic modulus.

  • Good performance on wrinkle resistance and shape retention.

  • Has high strength and elastic recovery ability.

  • It is firm and durable, anti-wrinkle and non-scalding, does not stick hair.

  • Moderate resilience, excellent heat setting effect, good heat resistance and light resistance.

  • Has excellent resistance (such as resistance to organic solvents, soaps, detergents, bleach, oxidants) and good corrosion resistance, stable to weak acids, alkalis, etc.

  • Protect your furniture from dust, moisture and other harmful substances.

  • Extend the service life of outdoor furniture and maintain its solidity for many years.

The protective cover can accommodate V-shaped combined recliners, corner chairs, and T-shaped exteriors. Snow and frost protection in winter, wind and dust protection in summer, suitable for four seasons.

Made of waterproof coating oxford cloth, the cover is waterproof, sunscreen, dust-proof, suitable for all kinds of bad weather and strong wind conditions, to prevent the sun from harmful light from fading furniture.

A variety of sizes ensure that the combined method, angle type, T-shaped and various outdoor methods are suitable for most terrace bending.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Garden Outdoor Cover

It is recommended that you use a mildew spray regularly every 3-4 months. This will prevent any subsequent damage caused by the fungus. Just wipe with a damp cloth and the dirt will disappear quickly. In addition, the lid comes with a storage bag that can be stored when not in use, thereby saving storage space.

Easy to install: The elastic hem rope with 4 buckles on the legs can be adjusted into a tight and customized fit to prevent the cover from being blown away by wind.

Garden Outdoor Cover Parameters

Material: Black polyester (PU coated).

Structure: outdoor covering structure of the garden.

Foldover: Foldover various shapes, can be customized

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