A Brief Introduction of Memory Foam

1. What is a memory foam

Memory foam refers to a polyether polyurethane foam sponge with slow rebound mechanical properties. It is a special sponge developed by a European company. Memory foam is its English literal translation. And it is also called slow rebound foam, zero pressure in space, aerospace cotton, low rebound material, viscoelastic sponge, etc. in China.

Memory foam is a polyurethane foam with slow rebound characteristics. It was designed by NASA's Ames Research Center to reduce the tremendous pressure on astronauts during the acceleration of the spacecraft. The Ames Research Center authorized a European company to develop and applicate it in civilian area twice in the 1990s, first in the medical field and then in the household product field. After gaining wide recognition abroad, memory foam appeared in China.

2. The advantages and characteristics of memory foam

When you press the flat surface of the memory foam with your hand, fingerprints will appear and then slowly disappear. This is the iconic effect of memory foam-"slow rebound". And it is difficult for other materials to imitate the speed of slow rebound.

Memory foam feels soft. When you hold the memory foam, you will feel that your palm is constantly emptying like an hourglass, there is no expansion force, so you will not be too tired when you clench it as the time goes. When people lie on the memory foam cushion and sink gradually, it is like being caught in a quagmire and hearing the subtle sound of the constantly flowing gas in the memory foam. When people sit on the memory foam lumbar support cushion, they begin to deform continuously, and then the sense of resistance disappears, so even if they sit for a long time, they will not have backache.

Due to the difficulty of production and the high cost, the main application of memory foam is to protect the human body, and it can be found in advanced equipment and expensive products. For example, in the field of high-speed aerospace, it exerts a strong ability to absorb kinetic energy and impact; in a static environment, it needs to be deformed to balance the surface contact pressure, maintain the low pressure environment required by soft tissue blood circulation and provide gentle support in the maintenance environment.

3. The development of memory foam

The improvement rate of memory foam is directly proportional to the consumption capacity of the country or region. The application is very popular in developed countries, while developing countries have only just started. And in China, high-end sales counters in developed coastal cities account for a larger proportion. Among these applied products, memory foam pillows are one of the products promoted early.

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