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How to Save the Waists of This Generation of Young People?

1. Is lumbar support cushion useful?

Backaches, which were only happened among middle-aged and elderly people, but now become everyone's concern. Sitting in the office for a long time every day is the main cause of lumbar spondylosis among young people.

The study found that after one hour of sitting upright, the lumbar spine will be shorter by an average of 12 mm, and the curvature of the lumbar spine has changed from the original natural curve to a stiff state, and the weight-bearing line of the spine has also shifted backward. Back pain has become a common disease. Now whether in the office or in the study room, you can see a lot of people with lumbar support cushions on their seats. Some people will question the lumbar support cushion looks just like a cloth covered with sponge, is it really useful? The principle of the lumbar support cushion is actually similar to that of the lumbar pillow. It also uses the cushion to disperse the burden of the waist muscles and joints, maintain the natural lumbar lordosis, so as to relieve the pressure on the back.

A Tsinghua university study of car cushion for back pain found that with the support of a 4 cm thick cushion, the burden on the joints and muscles of the driver's waist decreased by an average of 8% and 15%. Of course, you should choose suitable cushions. Choose a cushion, too thick or too thin is both not good. Too thick, it may cause excessive lordosis of the lumbar spine and overcorrection. If it is too thin, it will not provide support. Research on the driver has found that a 2cm thick cushion will increase the strength of the lumbar intervertebral joints and muscles.

2. Memory foam lumbar support cushion

However, the above are all simple cushions. Now some cushions use memory foam as the material, called memory foam lumbar support cushion, which is not as soft as ordinary cushions, and will maintain a shape for a period of time, so that your lumbar spine can remain in a relatively fixed position. Generally speaking, buying a cushion can give your waist a rest.

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