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Clear PVC Wire Frame Bag Blanket Bag

Clear PVC Wire Frame Bag Blanket Bag Wholesale

Blanket Bag

* Material: bottom panel in gray non woven 75gsm; other panels in clear PVC 0.10mm(PVC cold crack resistant  minus 15 degree).

* Structure: wire frame bag.

* Binding: gray piping binding, with wire frame (Dia. 2.0mm) inside.

* Handle: 2 gray rope handles at the center of top, with 4cps eyelets and 1pc clear PVC reinforcement

* Zipper: gray nylon zipper 5# fixed at top, right and left three sides, each end extend to bottom 5cm, close to front panel, with 2pcs pullers.

* Printing: customized printing.

* Packing: export carton, 50pcs/carton.

* Size: 65.6 x 37.8 x 12.5cm (W*H*D).

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