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What Are the Characteristics of Memory Sponge?

1. Application of Memory foam

Through the update of the traditional sponge processing formula, taking the comfort and environmental performance of the product as the starting point, the memory foam is produced, which is mainly used in household products, health care products and medical equipment.

2. The characteristics of memory foam are as follows:

(1) After the improvement, it has the characteristics of decompression, shock absorption, and slow rebound. It can automatically adjust its shape according to the temperature and curve of the body, and disperse the pressure of different compression points on the body.

(2) Good air permeability

Because the memory foam has an open structure, which enables air to circulate inside it and dissipate the heat of the human body. So it is a cushion material that can effectively prevent bedsores from being in bed for a long time, and it can also gently maintain the shape of foreign objects, which is a good material for posture cushions. For example, memory foam office chair cushions take advantage of this point. The permeable cell structure ensures the air permeability and moisture absorption required by human skin without perforating, and has proper thermal insulation; it is warmer in winter, and is significantly cooler than ordinary foam in summer. It has anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-corrosion properties, strong adsorption capacity, so it maintains the cleanliness of the surface. Under normal circumstances, it can be used without washing or disinfection for a long time if it contacts the human body.

(3) Stable molecules, no toxic side effects, no allergies, no volatile irritating substances, and good flame retardant properties. No country has announced that it does not meet the hygiene and safety testing requirements of daily necessities.

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