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A Brief Introduction of Wedge Cushion

Wedge cushion for the old, also called nursing body pads, R-shaped body pads.

1. Functions of using wedge cushion

The side-lying wedge cushion for bed is suitable for patients or the elderly who have been bedridden for a long time, who are weak and have difficulty turning over or cannot take care of themselves. Lying on the side has two basic functions:

(1) Long-term lying down will cause prolonged pressure on the buttocks and back protruding parts, and the blood will not circulate, which will easily form bedsores and bring harm to the patient. Regular side-lying can disperse the body pressure in these parts and prevent the occurrence of bedsores. However, the angle of lying on the side is not as large as possible. If the angle is too large for patients or the elderly who are unconscious or difficult to move, they will inevitably cause too much weight on the protruding bones such as the hipbones on the side, forming side bedsores, which is counterproductive. The correct angle is about 30 degrees, so the angle of the triangular pad is more appropriate.

(2) Change the patient's position. After lying in a position for a long time, both the patient and the normal person will feel that the waist is sore and the legs are painful. The weak patient does not have the physical strength to change the posture and stretch the muscles and bones. At this time, the nursing staff needs to turn the patient over, massage etc., but turning over is hard in fact, the use of a wedge cushion can help the patient's support when turning over.

Of course, wedge cushions can help nursing staff reduce labor, but having wedge cushions does not mean that nursing staff don't need to care about patients. For some patients who lack consciousness and mobility, they still need to change their positions frequently to prevent bedsores, which is conducive to recovery and health.

2. Wedge cushions are for:

ICU, orthopedics, neurosurgery, neurology, geriatrics and other passively lying or forced lying patients; It can also assist pregnant women to effectively turn over during pregnancy.

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