2019 Heimtextil Frankfurt Fair

Exhibition Industry: Textile Fabrics and Home Textiles

Held cycle: once a year

Exhibition time: January 8-11 (4 days)

Location: Germany-Frankfurt-Frankfurt Exhibition Center Opening hours: 09:00-18:00

Organizer: Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Exhibition Introduction

Heimtextil is one of Frankfurt's successful exhibition brands, and it is also a large-scale and international exhibition in this field. Its leading position in similar exhibitions in the industry cannot be shaken. The show is the industry's most important global event for interior textiles, interior design, and interior trends. With its new products and trends, it show its professionalism to professional audiences from all over the world.

At the same time, the authoritative prediction of fashion trends by Heimtextil, the international home textile and fabric exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, as always, stands at the forefront of the global home textiles trend.

Heimtextil is an ideal display opportunity for high-quality exhibitors from the fields of design, creativity, and manufacturing. It is also an ideal platform for the entire textile industry to release new home furnishings, interior decoration products, new trends, and designs.

The Frankfurt International Home Textiles and Fabrics Exhibition Heimtextil is organized by the German exhibition company Messe Frankfurt. The exhibition is held once a year. This exhibition is also a very important platform for companies to open the German market. The Frankfurt International Home Textiles and Fabrics Exhibition Heimtextil attracted With 2,975 exhibiting companies and 70,000 merchants, the exhibition was held at the Exhibition Centre Frankfurt, with an exhibition area of 268,100 square meters.

Range of Exhibition

Daily necessities: bedding, bathroom textiles, kitchen textiles; decorative products: decorative cloths, curtains, sofas, cushions, carpets, non-textile interior decoration products, etc.

Home decoration textiles: wall decoration fabrics and other products; carpets, blankets, cushions, children's blankets; finished curtains, curtain decoration cloths, transfer flowers, embroidery; shade series products, non-textile curtains; furniture decoration cloths, furniture leather, Wallpapers, decorative cushions, etc.

Household products textiles: bedroom products such as bedding, sheets, quilts, duvets, quilts, etc .; bathroom products such as towels, bath towels, bathrobes, shower curtains, footpads; kitchen products such as drawnwork, tablecloths, apron

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