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Can Travel U Shaped Pillow Be Cleaned?

1. Introduction of travel U shaped pillow

Travel U shaped pillow, as the name suggests, is a pillow shaped like the letter U.

It can automatically shape a comfortable effect according to the needs of the human body, effectively reduce the pressure of the human body to zero pressure, and counteract the reaction force. It completely relaxes the external pressure on the neck and shoulders, thereby avoiding the fatigue caused by the overhead bending of the neck and shoulders. The travel U shaped pillow can effectively promote blood circulation, and it is not easy to cause fatigue and soreness in the cervical spine and shoulders.

2. Can travel U shaped pillows be cleaned?

Travel U shaped pillows are mainly used for watching TV, driving, playing computer, office lunch break, and daily care of cervical spondylosis. It is also a good choice to bring it when traveling, because the cervical spine will inevitably be uncomfortable after driving for a long time. You can bring it at this time. It can reduce fatigue and can also be used when sleeping in transportation. So when the travel U shaped pillow has been used for a long time, can it be washed if it is dirty? Of course, it can be washed and dehydrated in the washing machine, just like washing clothes normally.

3. The use of travel U shaped pillows

You can bring the travel U shaped pillow on business trips and outings, and you can also use the travel U shaped pillow as a piece of furniture accessory. When you are watching TV, playing with children, reading, or just resting, you can enjoy its comfort. And there is a pillow for children, which is the kids body pillow.

The travel U shaped pillow can be wrapped around the neck and attached to the top of the shoulders when in use. So when you lean on the seat, your head has a strong support, soft and comfortable, and there is no risk of cervical strain. When you fall asleep, your head will not swing from side to side, just like sleeping on a bed. The travel U shaped pillow is very suitable for everyone in your family, regardless of height and weight, it can provide the most comfortable support.

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