The Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Packaging Bags

Ⅰ. Advantages of using eco packaging bags

In general, eco packaging bags are made of materials that can be naturally degraded, and the time for degradation is not too long. Also, eco packaging bags can be reused many times. Eco packaging bags is a general name, they can be classified according to the material, and the classification is as follows: 1. Non-woven eco packaging bags 2. Linen eco packaging bags 3. Paper eco packaging bags 4. Eco packaging bags made of normal cloth.

(1) Environmental friendly: The wide use of eco packaging bags can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags and the spread of white pollution. 

(2) Excellent performance: Eco packaging bags strictly comply with the relevant national environmental protection standards and they are made of environmental protection processing materials that have better degradation ability than other materials. In addition, eco packaging bags have longer service life than paper bags. 

(3) Recycling: Eco packaging bags are soft and wear-resistant, which can be folded into various shapes. Also, they can be recycled and used more than 10,000 times. 

(4) Exquisite and functional: Eco packaging bags are exquisitely printed with suitable sizes and various functions. They can hold many things, such as fresh food, clothing, toys and documents.

Ⅱ. The benefits of using eco-friendly packaging bags

Cloth shopping bags are green products. They are tough, durable and beautiful. They have good air permeability, and are reusable, washable and able to perform silk-screen advertising. Besides, they have a long service life and are suitable for any company and any industry as advertising and gifts.

(1) Cloth shopping bags are more economical. Plastic bags have gradually withdrawn from the packaging market due to the ban on free plastic bags, replaced by reusable non-woven shopping bags. Cloth shopping bags are easier to print patterns than plastic bags, and the colors are more vivid. In addition, they can be used repeatedly so that they can be decorated with more beautiful pictures and advertisements than plastic bags. Cloth shopping bags are more cost-effective and bring more obvious advertising benefits since they can be used repeatedly at a lower rate than plastic bags.

(2) Cloth shopping bags are firm. Traditional plastic shopping bags are thin and are easily damaged in order to save costs. Cloth shopping bags solve all the problems since they have strong toughness and are not easy to wear. There are also many non-woven plastic shopping bags, which are beautiful and waterproof with strong toughness and good feelings. Although the cost of a single bag is slightly higher than that of plastic bags, cloth shopping bags can be worth hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags in their service life.

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