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Do Babies Need Pillows or Not?

1. The use of baby pillows for babies

The baby spends a long time in bed after birth, and the quality of sleep is directly related to the baby's growth and health. So, do babies need pillows for sleep? Some say that it is a big mistake to use pillows for babies, and some say that pillows should not be used for babies before the age of two. A search on the Internet found that there are really many media reports that infants and young children should not sleep on pillows! Is this statement accurate?

In fact, the sentence "Infants and young children should not sleep on pillows" has the second half sentence: pillows should not only be used to raise the head.

2. Requirements for baby pillows

Because the newborn's stomach is in a horizontal position, it is prone to overflowing milk, vomiting, and even inhaling vomit by mistake. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the baby's head and upper body. It is best to raise the baby's neck and back by 30 degrees, and the best baby pillow should not be too high, which is equivalent to the height of a baby's small fist.

It is important to note that the child's shoulders, back and head must be padded, not just the head. If you only raise baby's head, it may cause your neck to bend, breathing difficulties, and a flat spine.

Although the baby pillow is small, it is a "top priority" for parents to consider. Sleep quality is directly related to the baby's long-term health. To make the baby sleep well, scientifically choose a suitable baby pillow and clean it regularly are really important. It helps the baby breathe smoothly, maintain blood circulation in the head and coordinate nerves, and help the head, neck and spine to grow healthily.

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