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Proper Use of U Shaped Travel Pillow

Ⅰ. About the U shaped travel pillow

The U-shaped travel pillow is designed according to the joint points. A reasonably designed U shaped travel pillow is extremely beneficial to the body. 

U shaped travel pillow is a pillow made of slow rebound material. It is made according to ergonomics and the principle of human magnetic field, using the latest popular high-tech space memory foam technology. Generally, the slow rebound time is 3-5 second. Compared with latex pillows, memory foam is synthetic, has a slow rebound function, and is harder than latex. Its function is to make the frequently used U-shaped travel pillow form the inherent shape of the human head and neck, so that the human neck and shoulder muscles can be relaxed without a sense of oppression.

The U-shaped travel pillow subverts people's inherent impression of the shape of the pillow. It is composed of a middle pillow, two side pillows, and three different heights and hardnesses. The biggest advantage of the U-shaped travel pillow is that when a person sleeps, whether lying on his back or to the left or right, it can reliably protect the neck of the person.

Ⅱ. Proper usage methods of U shaped travel pillow

1. The U shaped travel neck pillow can be wrapped around the neck and attached to the top of the shoulder when in use. In this way, when you lean on the seat, your head gets a strong support. That make you feel soft and comfortable, and there is no danger of cervical strain. When you fall asleep, your head will not swing from side to side, just like sleeping on a bed.

2. Another use of U-shaped travel pillow is to sleep on the table top. This use of U-shaped travel pillow can avoid compression of the arms, eyeballs and facial nerves. It is also suitable for reading books or watching TV. U-shaped travel pillow is very suitable for everyone in the family, regardless of height and weight, U-shaped travel pillow can provide the most comfortable support.

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