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Does the U Shaped Travel Neck Pillow Work?

1. The U shaped travel neck pillow is becoming more and more popular

With the improvement of the country’s economic level, many people’s lives have become busy. A busy life will undoubtedly increase our physical burden. Therefore, health is very important to us. Only with a healthy body can we do anything. According to the survey, more and more people suffer from cervical spondylosis, and U shaped travel neck pillows are becoming more and more popular, so is U shaped travel neck pillow really useful?

U shaped travel neck pillows are actually particularly suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with cervical spondylosis. people's head is very heavy, and the cervical spine is used to support the strength, especially when the head is lowered (people playing with mobile phones should pay attention to it), or if you keep a posture in front of the computer for too long, the pressure on the cervical spine of the head will be greater. So now that more and more white-collar workers have cervical spondylosis, it is very important to have a better U shaped travel neck pillow.

2. The function of U shaped travel neck pillow

There are many types of pillows, including U-shaped neck pillows, rectangular neck pillows, and square neck pillows. Each pillow has a different function. The U shaped travel neck pillow is low in the middle and high on the sides. This design is based on the physiological curve of the human body. The U shaped travel neck pillow can protect the cervical spine and reduce the pain and stiffness of the cervical spine; the U shaped travel neck pillow can improve the quality of sleep and sleep comfort; we will feel a lot of pressure after using the cervical spine for a long time, while the U shaped travel pillow can greatly reduce your stress. The U shaped travel neck pillow also has the function of supporting the back and lifting up uncomfortable parts such as swollen legs and feet.

The U shaped travel neck pillow is suitable for pregnant women with chronic low back pain. The way it is used is that you can use it when you are watching TV, reading a book, or just resting. The U shaped travel neck pillow can hold your head, or bend it back to make your head and neck feel comfortable. Because it can be used very flexibly to meet the needs of various postures on your body.

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