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Features of Cloth Shopping Bags

 Ⅰ. Understand cloth shopping bags

In order to protect the environment, many companies have introduced the idea of replacing plastic bags with cloth shopping bags, such as canvas shopping bags. Canvas is a thicker cotton or linen fabric, which can be reused and is strong and durable. Its material is environmentally friendly and will not cause pollution.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of cloth shopping bags

1. Cloth shopping bag is a relatively thick cotton fabric. Its major feature is that it is strong and durable, relatively light, not too heavy to carry, moderately soft, lightweight, and easy to use. The cloth shopping bag weighs only three-fifths of cotton, which is fluffy and light, and will not cause too much burden.

2. Cloth shopping bags in the packaging market can be reused and are more valuable than plastic bags. Reusable cloth shopping bags are more economical. Exquisite advertisements are printed on cloth shopping bags. The recycling feature reduces the loss of plastic bags, and more save costs.

3. Cloth shopping bags are more sturdy and not easy to wear. The life span of a bag is worth thousands of plastic bags.

4. A beautifully designed cloth shopping bag can also be transformed into a fashionable handbag, and its advertising effect is even more self-evident.

5. Cloth shopping bags can be reused. The frequently used cloth shopping bags are made of food-grade materials, do not contain other chemicals, are non-toxic and tasteless, and will not harm health. cloth shopping bags are waterproof and antibacterial: the material of cloth shopping bags is that the moisture is zero, will not absorb moisture, and it is breathable and easy to clean. Because polypropylene is a chemically inert material, it can resist insects, corrosion and bacteria. Therefore, cloth shopping bags have more public welfare value, recycling, material degradable, in line with the concept of environmental protection, these values are irreplaceable.

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