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What Are the Categories of Foam Mattresses

1. Introduction of memory foam mattress

Everyone may be aware of the memory foam mattresses on the market. In fact, this type of mattress is also called a space memory foam mattress, or a polyurethane foam mattress, a slow rebound memory foam mattress. It was originally given to the United States, which is used to buffer space astronauts when returning home.

The most obvious feature of a memory foam mattress is its slow rebound and its ability to change shape with changes in pressure, so it seems to remember the pressure of this part. Keep the proper shape, fit the body curve well, and reduce the pressure of the mattress on the body. Polyurethane foam is a chemical product, and it may have a heavy smell during the foaming process. You need to pay attention to identification when buying.

2. Types of memory foam mattresses

Generally, this kind of foam mattresses are made from plants, such as high-elastic foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses. It is like the sap from a rubber tree, which is then blended into a paste and poured into a mattress-shaped mold to become a porous board. Then the inner core is molded into a standard size to make a wholesale foam mattress, in which the diameters of the foam pores of the high resilience foam mattress are mixed and distributed. The thickness of the skeleton is different, and it has a large opening rate. When it is compressed, it will produce a rebound force with different supporting forces under different conditions. The biggest feature is good resilience.

The above related information about the classification of foam mattresses is introduced here, I hope this will be helpful to everyone.

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