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How to Buy Cooling Gel Memory Pillow?

Pillows are a must-have bedding for every family. 1/3 of our lives are spent on sleeping. Different pillows give people a very different experience and quality of sleep. Cooling gel memory pillow has some advantages such as ventilation, constant temperature, insect resistance. So what should we pay attention to when choosing cooling gel memory pillow?

1. Look at the density and feel of the cooling gel memory pillow

Density is one of the basic indicators of cooling gel memory pillows, but even memory pillow products of the same density will vary greatly, mainly due to differences in formulas, processes and raw materials. The hand feel has little to do with the density of the cooling gel memory pillow. It is mainly created by the mature technology of the factory. The cooling gel memory pillow feels very comfortable. It feels like kneading the dough when it is pinched. The slow rebound of the memory pillow will feel a little bit It's greeted, or it's a bit stiff. At the same time, the cooling gel memory pillow has a good temperature sensitivity, and it will become soft and hard with temperature changes, and you can see the fingerprints when you put it on your hand without putting pressure on it.

2. Look at the rebound time of the cooling gel memory pillow

Many consumers believe that the longer the rebound time of the cooling gel memory pillow, the better, which is a misunderstanding. The better rebound time is about 3 to 5 seconds. It is too short to have a slow rebound effect, and too long will make the body stiff.

3. Whether the cooling gel memory pillow has passed the security check

Slow rebound materials are chemicals, which have certain hazards in terms of chemical composition. Therefore, its safety indicators must be controlled in production, and whether the slow rebound toxic and harmful substances volatilize adequately. To see whether a cooling gel memory pillow is suitable, it depends on whether its safety indicators pass the test, what kind of certificate it has, and how long the certificate is valid. The current test of memory pillow includes toxic and hazardous substance testing and pure material testing.

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