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Method of Application of Round Neck Roll Pillow

1. Round neck roll pillow for patients with cervical spondylosis

For patients with cervical spondylosis, in addition to traction in daily life, they also need to choose some pillows to adjust their cervical spine. There is a kind of round neck roll pillow on the market, which is widely welcomed by patients with cervical spondylosis. So, do you know how to use the round neck roll pillow? If you can't use the round neck roll pillow correctly, it will not help your condition, and even aggravate the cervical spondylosis.

2. How to use the round neck roll pillow?

There are many treatment methods for cervical spondylosis, and the condition can be relieved after treatment. However, just rely on the treatment is not enough. Patients with cervical spondylosis should take care of themselves. For those who often bend over his desk to work, do not twist your head and neck to one side for a long time, pay attention to rest, and relax the neck and back muscles. Many people like to lie on their side when sleeping, with their head tilted to one side all night. This is a very bad habit. It makes the neck and back muscles and cervical ligaments twisted. In the long term, it will cause stiff neck frequently, although it is easier to recover; These people have big chance to develop cervical spondylosis in middle age. Therefore, when sleeping, pay attention to the softness and light weight of pillows, please lie on the back, and pay attention to turning over when lying on the side, and never lying down with your head tilted.

For cervical spine physiotherapy pillows, pillows with a certain support strength are better, such as round neck roll pillows. Only with proper support strength can they support the cervical spine, which will have a certain auxiliary physiotherapy effect for patients with cervical spondylosis, but how can the physiotherapy pillows have a real effect?  it needs to be treated differently according to the different conditions of cervical spondylosis patients.

A. For people with less severe cervical spondylosis:

Cattail wool and kapok have obvious characteristics of being able to adjust adjustable neck and shoulder. Cervical spondylosis should try to prevent the neck and shoulders from catching cold. Therefore, the design of adjustable neck and shoulder pillow adopts a more physiologically protective shoulder-to-neck design and neck support structure.

B. For people with severe cervical spondylosis:

It is recommended to use the shape and material with stronger supporting force and more direct effect, and the traction is more effective. In fact, for cervical spondylosis, if cervical spondylosis is confirmed, the doctor will generally recommend that you go for traction. However, the traction in the hospital is mechanical traction, which is relatively brutal, but it is easy to make people's non-serious cervical spine problems serious, so there are also many experts who have reservations about mechanical traction. If the cervical spondylosis is more severe, it is recommended to use a neck pillow with a large diameter and strong traction. It is best to add a flat pillow or other concave pillow behind.

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