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How to Choose a Good Pillow

According to statistics, 150 million out of 600 million insomniacs in the world are due to uncomfortable pillows. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right pillow, which is closely related to our health.


Three principles of choosing pillows

1. Proper height

Too high pillows: stiff neck

Too high pillows will destroy the natural bending of the cervical spine and make the muscle groups and ligaments behind the neck tense and stiff. If you get up in the morning and feel that your neck suddenly becomes stiff and inconvenient to move, and if you haven't done any large-scale exercise the day before, you should consider whether the pillow is too high, which causes neck stiffness.Not only the pillows used when sleeping, but the pillow back sofa cushion covers may cause your neck stiffness too,which should be paid attention to.


Too low pillows: snoring

If the pillow is too low, the lower jaw will be lifted naturally, the throat will be oppressed, and the small tongue in the mouth will naturally droop and block the respiratory tract. Especially when breathing in, the soft palate above the back of the mouth vibrates. With the air entering, it emits the snoring sound. So if you hear a lot of complaints about snoring, try putting a thick towel under your head to increase the height of your pillow. What's more, snoring will not only reduce the quality of your sleep, but also cause insomnia in the surrounding people.


If you are used to sleeping on your back, the height of your pillow should be roughly equal to the height of your fist. If you like to sleep on your side, choose a pillow with the thickness of your shoulder. If you are used to sleeping face down and put the pillow on your chest, choose light and soft pillows, because too large pillows will oppress the heart and cause insufficient blood supply.


2. The right degree of softness and hardness

Too soft pillows: puffy eyes

Head will sink into it if pillow is too soft,and blood flow is too concentrated, then blood vessel wall pressure is increased, and facial muscles are stressed, which makes eyes swollen in the morning and you would feel slight headache. If you often find eye swelling, you can consider a firmer pillow.


Too hard pillows: drooling

A hard pillow will make the carotid artery compressed and the blood circulationwill not be smooth, which will lead to cerebral hypoxia and microcirculation local disturbance. The direct reaction of anoxia is the increase of saliva secretion and the habit of opening mouth for a long time. If you always find a large piece of wet pillow towel, you should consider a softer pillow.


3. Skin friendly fabric

Pillow is as close to the body as the underwear, and it directly contacts the nose and mouth. Therefore, the fabric of the pillow case must be comfortable.

(1) Look: Take a look at whether there are color differences and wrinkles on the surface of the cushion cover, and whether its pattern is clear and uniform.

(2) Touch: After seeing it, you can touch the cushion cover with your hand to feel whether its texture is good and whether the thickness of the cushion cover is consistent.

(3) Smell: This is very important. If the cushion cover has a peculiar smell, it is likely that the content of formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile substances is high.

(4) Wipe: You can cut a small sample of cushion cover and wipe the cushion cover with a wet cloth to see if there is discoloration.

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