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Who is the U-shaped Travel Neck Pillow Suitable For?

The cervical spine plays a very important role in the human body: it supports the head upwards and connects the back and waist to the abdomen downwards. The cervical spine is one of the most critical parts of the human body. So we have to protect our cervical spine. U-shaped travel neck pillows currently on the market can effectively protect our cervical spine.

1. Know the U-shaped travel neck pillow

The U-shaped travel neck pillow is ergonomically designed. There are many improved versions that can more effectively prevent the cervical spine from straining, and play a good supporting effect and function on the cervical spine.

The U-shaped travel neck pillow most popular among young people is also the unique space memory foam material, which has good slow rebound characteristics and temperature-sensitive memory characteristics. It can sense the temperature of the human body to adjust the softness of the pillow to achieve the purpose of more closely fitting cervical spine and support the head.

2. People who are suitable for U-shaped travel neck pillow

For long-distance travel friends, the U-shaped travel neck pillow can greatly relieve the fatigue caused by the cervical spine on the way, can help us get high-quality rest during the journey, and reduce and reduce the neck pain caused by long-distance travel.

For long-distance drivers, the U-shaped travel neck pillow can adjust the curvature of the driver's head by 15-20 degrees, avoiding the compression of the cervical veins, alleviating fatigue, and greatly improving safe driving.

Suitable for daily office and leisure use, whether you are using the computer for a long time, watching TV at home, or taking a lunch break, the U-shaped travel neck pillow can effectively prevent cervical spine strain.

For people who sit in the office for a long time, the U-shaped travel neck pillow can be used as a back cushion to support the spine.

During office lunch breaks, the U-shaped travel neck pillow can be used as a lunch break pillow. Sleeping at the desk will no longer cause the whole body to numb due to pressure on the arm. It can effectively relieve the pressure on the human body and promote blood circulation, allowing you to have a short but comfortable lunch break.

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