How to Choose Tailbone Cushion?

When choosing a tailbone cushion, the most important thing is to find a comfortable cushion. Because people who recover from tailbone injuries need to use cushions consistently to provide support. If the tailbone cushion is uncomfortable, the patient may use it incorrectly, aggravating the injury. These cushions come in a variety of shapes and fillings, so you can choose one that works best for a particular person based on your preferences.

Ⅰ. Learn about tailbone cushion

Some patients have difficulty placing their tailbone in the center of the doughnut pad when their tailbone is injured. There are two main types of tailbone cushions: donut-shaped and wedge-shaped cushions. Donut-shaped cusshions look like oversized doughnuts, once very popular. But many patients find it uncomfortable because it is difficult to place the tailbone in the hole in the pad. Whereas, wedge-shaped cushions consist of a block of material lacking a wedge behind, which is more comfortable for many patients.

Ⅱ. The aspects about choosing tailbone cushions you should know

If the cushion has to be bent to fit on the chair, it can exacerbate back injuries. Tailbone cushions can be filled with gel, air or memory sponge. These materials provide varying degrees of support, and the thickness of the pad is also a factor in the level of support and firmness. One advantage of an inflatable pad is that the pad can deflate, making it easier to carry. Gel pads, often with removable inserts that can be frozen or heated to provide additional pain relief, may be an appealing option for some patients. If possible, people should sit on several different tailbone cushions to get a more intuitive feel. If you try out one and feel comfortable for it, look for that type of cushion. Otherwise, if uncomfortable in the store, it will feel uncomfortable later at home, so it should be avoided using. 

One may also need to consider things like size. As not all chairs will fit these cushions well, it's important to choose one that's small enough to lie flat on the chair. If a cushion has to bend to fit on a chair, it can provide uneven support and exacerbate back injuries. Some pads have straps to keep them in place. This is a useful feature to keep the cushion attached to the chair. For hygiene reasons, it's a good idea to buy a removable and washable memory sponge tailbone cushion. If the cushion does not have a cloth cover, you should purchase a cloth cover accessory as soon as possible. Scrub the tailbone cushion regularly when changing the cover to keep the surface flat and clean.

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