Is It Necessary to Buy Dress Protector Bags?

Have you heard about dress protector bags? Many friends say that these things are useless: I already have a closet. Why do I still use a dress protector bag? So there is really no need. Is there no need?

Ⅰ. Is it necessary to buy a dress protector bag?

Dust is always caught off guard. There is dust everywhere without taking care of it for a long time, which is really annoying. The dust cover, just like its name, is dustproof and can protect things from corrosion and damage. Is the dresss protector bags easy to use?

There are many shapes of clothes protection bags, which have different effects according to different situations, such as circles, squares, polygons, and so on. Everyone should pay more attention to which one is suitable when choosing. In addition, there are different types of dress protector bags, such as steel wire support or stitched, etc., and the effect is also different.

Nowadays, many people like to use dress protector bags, and the materials are different, resulting in different prices. There are single-piece and three-dimensional ones, which can hold six to eight pieces of clothing, so dress protector bags can also be classified as clothing. This can make the wardrobe more clear, especially for people with more clothes, its effect is still very good.

Ⅱ. What material is good for the dress protector bag?

1. Oxford cloth material. In fact, there are many Oxford cloths on the market and they are favored by many consumers, because Oxford cloths are not easy to age, and they are also moisture-proof and dust-proof. It is better for us to prevent dust, but there is a small shortcoming for it. If there are rats in the house, it is easier to be bitten. We should pay more attention to the appearance of rats when we use dress protector bags.

2. Plastic material. It's believed that many people are not unfamiliar with using plastic as a dress protector bag, because almost all the older generations use plastic bags or some plastic film to protect clothes from dust. In fact, the effect is better, because plastic's structure is relatively tight, unlike other fabrics with small holes. But it is also because of this tight structure that the air permeability is not very good, and it is more susceptible to moisture. Therefore, when we hang clothes, we should also pay attention to hanging them in a dry place as much as possible.

3. Non-woven materials. This material is also used as a wardrobe by many people, so the effect of making dress protector bags is also very good. Non-woven materials can prevent dust, moisture, insects, etc. to a certain extent. In the current dustproof materials, the effect is relatively good.

4. Translucent material. In fact, this is also a kind of plastic, but plastics are also divided into fully transparent and translucent. If it is fully transparent, we can see the shape of the clothes, but the material is a bit worse. If it is fully transparent, the quality will be relatively better, and it can also prevent insects.

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