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Multifunctional Pregnancy Pillow Can Help Pregnant Women Relieve Discomfort

Ⅰ. Pregnancy pillows is helpful for pregnant women

After pregnancy, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the belly is getting bigger, and the waist is sore and the legs are swollen, many pregnant women feel that it is uncomfortable to lie down at night when they sleep. At this time, many pregnant women want to buy a pillow to help sleep. A good pregnancy pillow can really make pregnant women sleep more comfortably and relieve the discomfort of back pain during pregnancy.

Ⅱ. Different types of pregnancy pillows

However, there are many types of pregnancy pillows on the market, and the prices vary greatly. Many pregnant women are picky and don't know which one to buy. In fact, in terms of function alone, the common pregnancy pillows can basically meet the needs of pregnant women. The general difference lies in the type and price of pregnancy pillows. Pregnant women can choose the most suitable pregnancy pillow according to actual needs. Here are four types of pregnancy pillows might be suitable for pregnant women with different needs.

1. A small pregnancy pillow, which is compact and occupies less space, but it can only support the waist and stomach, and cannot support the legs at the same time.

2. U-shaped memory foam pregnancy pillow, which can support the abdomen, waist and support legs at the same time.

3. G-type pillow can be used separately according to the situation, very flexible, but the price is higher.

4. H-shaped pillow, designed according to ergonomics, effectively relieves pregnant women'  backache, leg swelling and other discomforts.

Compared with the U-shaped and G-shaped pillows, which have large quantities in the market, there are less H-shaped pillows. But H-shaped pillow also can realize the most important function for pregnant women, to support the waist and support the legs. It is very cost-effective. After the baby is born, the original short side can be used as a lumbar pillow, and the mother can lean against it when feeding. The long-side pillow can be used as an ordinary pillow or as a holding pillow.

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