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Remember the Correct Way to Sleep With a Sponge Pillow

1. Introduction to Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillow is a slow rebound pillow made of memory foam, forming the inherent shape of the head and neck. Curved memory foam pillow helps to improve our sleep quality. But to improve sleep quality is to have the correct sleeping posture.

The front of the memory foam pillow has different heights. When we sleep, we pillow the front of it and stick the high side of the curved memory foam pillow to the neck is the correct way to sleep. Some people sleep on the lower side, which is actually wrong.

The memory foam pillow is quite elastic, so it is easy to sink by pressing the memory pillow with your hands. However, when we sleep on the sponge memory pillow, it will only sink slightly, and the neck will be properly attached to the depressions on both sides, so that the comfort of our neck and head will be guaranteed. This is the magical and useful part of memory foam pillows, and it is also the difference between memory foam pillows and ordinary pillows.

The memory foam pillow is made of NASA space decompression elastic cotton material, which can effectively relieve the pressure of the human body, and can greatly reduce the gravity pressure on the human neck and spine. Because the memory foam pillow can absorb pressure, it can significantly reduce the number of turning over during sleep, greatly improve the comfort of the neck and shoulders, and play a great role in improving the quality of sleep. If you use the sponge memory pillow correctly, there will be no stiff neck.

2. The correct way to sleep on a memory foam pillow

The correct way to sleep on a memory foam pillow is to sleep on the high side of the memory foam pillow. Attach the small concave pillow groove on the high side to your neck and tilt your head slightly outward. In this way, the memory foam pillow will support our neck, relax our neck muscles, protect the cervical spine and eliminate fatigue. The wave shape of the memory foam pillow can keep the neck level, suitable for people with sore shoulders. It needs to be replaced after about 3 years of use.

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