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The Difference Between Cooling Gel Pillow and Latex Pillow

1. New type of home textile products: cooling gel memory pillow

With the gradual development of the home textile market, the professional pillow market is also rapidly progressing and improving. The use of health pillows has become a trend and trend that cares about health. Both cooling gel memory pillows and latex pillows are new types of home textile products. What is the difference between cooling gel memory pillows and latex pillows?

2. The difference between cooling gel memory pillow and latex pillow

The gel is solid in a liquid, and it has a special touch. The cooling gel memory pillow made of the gel has many advantages, such as breathability, constant temperature, insect resistance, and so on. People often say that cooling gel memory pillows are "artificial skin" because the gel properties of cooling gel memory pillows are very similar to human skin. The gel has been widely made into various gel pillows due to its good close-fitting and skin-friendly properties. Using cooling gel memory pillows is not only comfortable but also has a good health effect. Especially for people with sleep disorders, it is a good choice to buy a cooling gel memory pillow. If you want to buy memory foam in bulk, you can trust Texpack, one of the best memory foam pillow suppliers in China.

Cooling Gel Pillow

Latex can be divided into three categories: natural, synthetic, and man-made. Different from cooling gel memory pillows, generally latex pillows are made of natural latex. It is the liquid that flows out from rubber trees at a certain age when tapping the rubber at the specified time according to the specified incision. It is milky white to prevent the natural latex from being caused by microorganisms and enzymes. The effect of solidification, ammonia, and other stabilizers are often added. It can prevent mites and insects, and also has a breathable effect. Latex pillows are still helpful for some consumers with the poor respiratory tract. You can also enjoy the 24-hour automatic shaping function that is not hot in summer and not cold in winter. It can also be combined with memory foam materials, and the muscles and cervical spine will never be stressed, the meridian blood remains unblocked.

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