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What Are the Misunderstandings of Maintaining Memory Foam Pillow?

Ⅰ. Brief introduction of memory foam pillows

Memory foam pillows are one of the most common types of pillows nowadays. The unique slow-rebound material can give you the feeling of sleeping in the clouds, and there is no pressure on the neck. At the same time, it can reduce the possibility of stiff neck. If you want to use the memory foam pillow for a long time, proper maintenance is needed.

If the memory foam pillow is not properly maintained, its lifespan may be shortened. On the contrary, it will not be a problem to use it for 10 years if you pay attention to its maintenance.

Ⅱ. The maintenance of memory foam pillows

1. There is no need to worry about the peculiar smell of the new pillow

The newly bought memory foam pillows may have some smell of chemicals and need to be ventilated for a period of time. You can put the pillow in a clean, dry, and sun-free place outdoors for a few afternoons.

2. Double-layer pillowcase is easy to prevent pollution

Because memory foam pillows are not easy to clean, you can give the pillow two pillowcases to prevent stains on the pillow. Pillowcases should be washed frequently. The inner pillowcase is better to be made of waterproof material, which is most helpful for preventing pollution.

3. Machine wash and hand wash are prohibited

Do not wash soft memory foam pillows in the washing machine. Memory foam pillows have strong absorption capacity and are difficult to dry after washing; While damp pillows are prone to mold. In addition, washing memory foam pillows in the washing machine can easily damage the pillows.

4. If there are stains, you can wipe them

If there is dirt on the memory foam pillow, you can add some detergent to warm water, then dip a clean white cloth in the mixture, and then gently wipe the dirt on the pillow. Then use a dry towel to absorb moisture from the pillow.

5. Be careful about placement

Remember not to put the pillow in a humid place or a place with high temperatures or strong sunlight. Be careful not to place it in a too cold place as well, just place it in a ventilated and cool place.

6. There are some good ways to clean the surface dust

To clean the dust on the memory foam pillow, you can use the upholstery brush of a vacuum cleaner to brush the surface of the pillow back and forth.

7. Remove peculiar smell with one trick

If you want to remove the peculiar smell of the memory foam pillow (not the peculiar smell of the new pillow), you can pour some white vinegar in a spray bottle, then spray it on the surface of the pillow and let it dry naturally.

8. Long-term pressure variability

The maintenance of the memory foam pillow is that it cannot be pressed hard for a long time. It is placed in a natural state when not in use. It cannot be pressed under a heavy object for a long time. This may cause the memory foam to deform and make it uncomfortable to sleep.

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