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When the Housewife Meets The Dust Cover of A Vacuum Cleaner

As a housewife, do you feel upset and have a headache when you come home and see the dust in a house?

After a busy day, after finishing work, you most want to go home and get a full rest, not all day.

Endless endless family labor. Of course, what you need is a vacuum cleaner at this time. When you are maintaining the vacuum cleaner.

Did you notice the dust cover on the vacuum cleaner? Let me introduce the dust cover on the vacuum cleaner.

Application of Dust Cover For Vacuum Cleaner-dust Cover Function of Vacuum Cleaner

Disposable dust cover for a disposable vacuum cleaner with a frame, the frame is provided with openings and through holes, and the outer surface of the through-holes is provided with a layer. The breathable tissue paper has a simple structure, low cost, and can effectively avoid pollution. Dust cover for a disposable vacuum cleaner bag. It includes a frame, which is characterized in that one side of the frame is an opening and the other is provided with a through-hole.

There is a layer of breathable tissue paper. Non-woven vacuum cleaner dust cover sealing ultrasonic welding machine can seal the dust cover of various vacuum cleaners, Mouth welding, seam welding can also be performed on the mouth of the dust cover.

Cleaning the dust cover of the vacuum cleaner is a troublesome thing. If it is disposable, it can be replaced in time. if the dust cover of the vacuum cleaner should be washed with warm water and allowed to dry before use. But be careful, check the dust collection cloth in time. Whether the bag is damaged again. If it is damaged, it should be repaired and replaced in time to prevent the dirt from directly entering the motor and causing damage to the body.

Clean the dust cover of the vacuum cleaner. The dust cover of the vacuum cleaner must be much easier to clean. It can be cleaned with household cleaning agents. After it is naturally dried, it can be reused. The dust cover is broken. You can use a toothbrush to remove the dust from it. Like the smart vacuum cleaner of Suzhou Yijie, which is specially equipped with cleaning brushes, it is very easy to clean up.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the dust cover of the vacuum cleaner, the function of the dust cover of the vacuum cleaner and the vacuum cleaner have a certain understanding of dust cover cleaning. Yes, when we use a vacuum cleaner, don't ignore the important part of the vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner dust cover. Of course, the same is when we use other useful appliances.But the small parts that play an important role, without them, there is no convenience.

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