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The Difference Between Canvas Shopping Bag and Cotton Shopping Bag

1. The difference between canvas cloth shopping bags and cotton cloth shopping bags

Canvas is an environmentally friendly material, and environmentally friendly canvas shopping bag refers to a material that can be reused and made. With the improvement of the quality of life, people have begun to pay attention to how to protect the environment. After the popularity of non-woven canvas shopping bags, it has gradually expanded to high-end canvas shopping bags made of canvas. Because canvas is more environmentally friendly, it is taken from nature and can be degraded, but the production price is relatively high, so cotton shopping bags What is the difference with canvas shopping bag?

Cotton shopping bag is actually a kind of canvas shopping bag, but it is made of pure cotton. Canvas shopping bag includes cotton bag, so there is no essential difference between canvas shopping bag and cotton bag. Canvas is a kind of thick cotton or linen cloth. It is named after its original use as a sail. It is generally made of plain weave and a small amount of twill weave, which can be made into custom recycled shopping bags.

2. Why canvas cloth shopping bags and cotton shopping bags are becoming more and more popular?

Nowadays, printing technology is becoming more and more perfect, whether it is canvas or cotton cloth, you can print a beautiful pattern on it. More and more companies pay more and more attention to brand image and advertising effect.

General environmental protection bags are immediately compared to canvas shopping bags or cotton bags, which are more advanced. The difference between a cotton bag and a canvas shopping bag is that after using it, wash it and it will look like a new one. If done well, most people will use it for a long time. This means that your one-time advertising investment has gained several years of advertising effects. Although the initial production cost will be quite high. But it is worth it in the long run. This is why canvas shopping bags and cotton bags are becoming more and more popular.

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