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A Pleasing Baby Neck Support Cushion

When can babies use the foam baby pillow

Babies are born with heads almost shoulder-width apart. When sleeping on your side, their head and body are on the same height. Therefore, you can skip the baby neck support cushion, let alone the hard foam pillow. But if the mattress is soft and the baby's head is sinking heavily, you can also use a lower foam baby pillow to keep the body balanced. Generally, the baby begins to look up after 3 months, then the spine is no longer straight. The spine neck appears physiological bending. With the development of the body, the shoulder gradually widened. In order to maintain the physiological curvature during sleeping, you can start to use a memory foam donut cushion for your baby. Otherwise, it will affect the baby's sleep and normal development due to low head position.  

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Why choose a baby memory pillow

Babies grow up with a fast speed and strong metabolism. They are likely to sweat more than adults during sleeping. Baby's sleeping health must be paid attention to for they are easy to wet the pillow, mix sweat and dandruff. Coupled with the baby's wet saliva and scalp stolen goods remained in the baby neck support cushion, it is easy to cause skin infections and other diseases.

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The new type of baby memory pillow filling material has good elasticity, air permeability, and high plasticity, which can support the head and reduce the pressure on the head. The memory foam donut cushion Pillowcase is pure cotton and velvet, which is close to the baby's skin. Choosing a baby memory pillow helps ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep for your baby. If you want to buy bulk memory foam, you can contact Texpack for more information. There are many other types of memory foam pillow for your choice, like memory foam pillow for carhard foam pillow, etc.

The height of a foam baby pillow

The baby's cervical spine begins to bend forward at 4-5 months. At this time, a 1cm high foam baby pillow can be used in order to allow the baby to breathe freely and grow smoothly with his body. For a baby of 3~6 months, the most reasonable baby neck support cushion height should be less than 3 centimeters. Raise baby memory pillow height appropriately after 6 months, it is advisable with 3~4 cm.  

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