2019 EVTEKS Fair Turkey

Exhibition time: April 21-25 (5 days),

Venue: CNR Exhibition Center, Istanbul

Organizer: CNR International Exhibition Company

Range of Exhibition

Curtains, accessories, interior decoration materials, decorative cloth, flooring products, wallpaper series, home textiles, bedding, bed sheets, bathroom products, interior decoration and household items, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bathroom textiles, carpets, sun shading products, Decoration, hand-drawn design drafts, etc.

Exhibition Introduction: (All Booths Are Specially Equipped)

First, the exhibition is held in Turkey's largest exhibition center-Istanbul CNR EXPO Convention and Exhibition Center. The center is well-positioned and holds more than 60 international exhibitions each year. It is rapidly becoming a global textile distribution and re-export center. Home & Tex and EVTEKS have passed the UFI certification and are one of the world's largest and most outstanding home textile professional exhibitions, second only to the Frankfurt Home Textiles Exhibition in Europe, the second domestic textile exhibition. EVTEKS is hosted by the Trade and Exhibition Department of Istanbul Exhibition, with the assistance of the CNR Exhibition Center and the Turkish Home Textile Industry Association (TETSIAD). The exhibition area in 2015 totaled 160,000 square meters and a total of 2,500 brands were displayed. Judging from the number of visitors, the number of overseas visitors in Europe and the Middle East has increased significantly. Each session of EVTEKS has become an important platform for the home textile industry to display the latest research and development trends and fashion ideas, attracting the attention of many people in the industry

Second, the exhibition brings together the latest and most cutting-edge home textile products in the world and is also the world's leading B2B (business-to-business) platform. The exhibition was established in 1994 and is held once a year. The significant feature of this exhibition is its successful commercial operation. Every year, 80% of the orders for Turkish home textile exports are made at the Turkish Home Textiles Exhibition. As both are textile trading powers, the textile trade war between China and Turkey has continued. Moreover, since its establishment in 1994, EVTEKS has been restricting its opening to Chinese exhibitors. However, a fundamental twist took place in June 2016. The Turkish Home Textile Association lifted boycotts against Chinese textile companies. EVTEKS announced that it had officially opened its doors to Chinese exhibitors. However, there are certain conditions. Chinese companies that register for the exhibition need preliminary review by the Turkish Home Textile Association. If there are no problems, they can participate in the exhibition.

In recent years, the economic and trade relationship between China and Turkey has grown rapidly. Textile companies in China and Turkey are very sensitive to EVTEKS. Although Chinese companies were not allowed to participate in the previous 16 years, there was a steady stream of audiences asking to see China ’s Products, the status of Chinese textiles in the world has long been unstoppable.

Third, although Turkey itself is the world's fifth-largest supplier of textile products, Chinese companies still have a positive meaning to participate in the exhibition. First, Chinese exhibitors have the advantage of an absolute low cost. Mainly because Turkish textile costs and power prices are much higher than ours. Second, there are differences between China's textile and apparel and Turkey, and there is room for complementary cooperation between the two sides. Turkish clothing export prices are generally higher than the average price of EU textile imports. Moreover, Turkey produces almost all home textile products, covering a wide range and excellent quality, and has become the world's leader in the home textile industry. Third, the Turkish government provides incentives for the processing of incoming materials of enterprises. Exports of imported raw materials to third countries can be exempted from customs duties and value-added tax after applying for import licenses, thereby creating an environment for the export of enterprises. Fourth, Turkey's own population is 73.3 million. The country itself is a large market for textile and apparel consumption.

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