How to Choose A Dust Protection Cover for Clothes?

As we all know, there is fog in the winter or wind in the spring and autumn that can bring you clothes with dust. Also, clothes will be covered with dust because they have not been used for a long time. In this case, people prefer to buy a dust protection cover to protect their clothes. Therefore, what types of dust protection cover are good? What is the effect of the dust protection cover? How to choose a dust protection cover?

1. About the dust protection cover for clothes

The dust protection cover for clothes is a household item. It is used to protect clothes so that their surface will not be corroded and damaged by the outside environment. There are many types of dust protection cover, such as round, square and polygon. These production methods are different, such as wire support type and suture type, they can effectively delay the depreciation of clothing. Non-woven dust protection cover for clothes is better since it can prevent dust, moisture and insects. Among many dust protection covers made by various materials, it is more popular with better material and effect.

2. How to choose a dust protection cover for clothes?

First of all, most dust protection cover on the market are made of non-woven fabrics. However, there are a few dust protection covers that are made of plastic on the front so that people can directly see the clothes inside through the plastic. Therefore, the dust protection cover is divided into full and translucent types. When purchasing, you should choose based on your actual needs.

Secondly, the size of each piece of clothing is different. Therefore, when choosing a dust protection cover for clothes, you should also refer to the size of clothes to choose the size of dust protection cover. You have to accurately grasp the size. In case you are not sure about the size, you can buy a larger dust protection cover. If it is small, then the clothes will not fit in, so the dust protection cover will not work.

Then, you should also pay attention to the details of the dust protection cover for clothes. For example, there should be a small gap above the dust protection cover, which allows the clothes hanger to stretch out. When purchasing, you should carefully observe the size of the gap. If it is small and the hanger cannot stretch out, then the clothes can not be hung up. If the gap is large, dust will fall on the clothes from the gap.

Finally, it is necessary to see whether the needle thread on the dust protection cover is smooth and whether there is any thread or split. There are very important since they are related to the use of the dust protection cover. In addition, you should check if the zipper on the dust protection cover is smooth.

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