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How to Clean the Memory Foam Pillow

1. Introduction of Memory Foam Pillow

The outer jacket is removable and easy to clean. It can be hand-washed or machine-washed, but the inner core does not need to be cleaned. Do not put it in the washing machine and stir. The memory foam pillow should not be exposed to the sun and kept away from high temperature and fire. Sun exposure or washing will destroy the structure of natural latex pillows and memory foam, greatly shortening their service life. Exposure to the sun causes the memory foam material to age and turn yellow. Washing makes the memory foam quite heavy, and the water in the pillow core cannot leak dry. Keep the product dry at all times, as well as ventilate and dry regularly. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the pillow core every month or so, or gently pat the pillow core with your hands. If you accidentally get wet, please use a towel to absorb the moisture immediately and place it in a ventilated place to dry in the shade.

Memory foam pillow, also known as "memory pillow", is an ergonomic memory foam pillow made of slow-resilient materials. It is generally made of polyurethane, which has viscoelastic properties. It will automatically deform when the head and neck position changes. Keep the position tightly integrated with the neck at any time, fix the head, and prevent the head from sliding down and causing stiff neck.

2. Features of Memory Foam Pillow:

(1) Absorb the impact force, the super absorption of the impact force of the memory foam pillow, your skin does not have any feeling of pressure, as if you are sleeping on the surface of the water.

(2) Anti-bacterial and anti-mite. The use of slow-rebound sponge material can inhibit the growth of molds, and get rid of the irritating odor caused by the growth of molds. When there is sweat and saliva, it becomes more prominent.

(3) Good breathability and moisture absorption, each cell unit is interconnected, and the moisture absorption and breathability are excellent.

(4) The ability to automatically shape. The memory foam pillow is designed in accordance with ergonomics, memory deformation. And the ability to automatically shape can fix the head and fill the shoulder gap, reduce the possibility of stiff neck, avoid air leakage in the quilt at the shoulder, and prevent cervical spine problems.

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