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Memory Foam Cushions Protect Office Health

1. The importance of memory foam cushions

Sitting for a long time may lead to diseases. In different scenarios such as driving, travelling, home, partying, studying and working, one of the most common actions and postures we do is to sit, especially for urban white-collar workers, work is the process of "sitting", and it can be said that "sitting" takes up nearly a third or more of our daily work life. Sitting takes up nearly a third or more of our daily working life. Sitting is certainly more comfortable than standing, but if you do not pay attention to protection, it can lead to diseases.

Medical experts classify "sitting" into "correct" sitting and casual "wrong" sitting, depending on the degree to which the "sitting" position is harmful to the body. In incorrect sitting, the lumbar region is flexed backwards and the combined force of the upper body is directed towards the posterior position of the lumbar spine, with some of the pressure being applied to the muscles and ligaments near the lumbar spine. In the actual process of sitting at work and in life, we hardly ever use the "correct" sitting posture, but almost always use the "wrong" casual sitting posture. If no protective measures are taken, this can cause damage to the body over time. This is mainly manifested in the following areas: firstly, shoulder and neck pain. According to statistics, more than 80% of office workers suffer from shoulder and neck pain. Secondly, back pain and slipped discs caused by back injury.

At present, the vast majority of people are unable to avoid being sedentary. Just because we cannot avoid sitting does not mean that we cannot prevent the occurrence of diseases caused by sitting. At this stage, with the spread of scientific knowledge and health awareness, many people are actively using custom memory foam cushions for body protection.

2. Advantages of memory foam cushions

Memory foam is a material that is produced without any additives and is completely harmless to the human body and approved for medical use. It is light, soft and flexible, and at the same time has the characteristic of gradually returning to its original shape after the pressure has been removed, so the use of memory foam cushions can provide protection for the lumbar spine while reducing the gravitational force on the spine, thus achieving the medical effect of spinal maintenance and lumbar spine protection. This is the same as using a hand massage or support to recover from fatigue, except that the memory foam cushion provides easier and more timely maintenance and protection for longer.

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