Why Are Paper Take out Bags More and More Widely Used?

Before people generally started to use environmental protection bags, plastic bags were the mainstream of the market, which brought great harm to the environment and energy waste while bringing convenience to people's lives. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, more brand merchants have begun to choose to use environmentally friendly paper bags, which are characterized by environmental protection, reusability and degradability. There are two types of environmental protection bags that are more common in daily life, one is cloth bags and the other is paper take out bags.

1. Comparison of plastic bags and paper take out bags

Compared with plastic bags, eco-friendly bags are thicker and less prone to breakage. Plastic bags are consumables, especially the white ultra-thin plastic vest bags used in supermarkets. Basically, they will be abandoned after one use, which results in a huge waste of resources. Eco-friendly bags are easily degradable, reusable, and have a high recycling rate, and can completely replace the use of plastic bags. At the same time, paper bags of different materials also have different performances, including breathability, waterproofing, and heat preservation.

2. What are the functions and applications of paper take out bags?

Paper bags are more and more widely used. When shopping in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores and other places, paper take out bags are generally available to facilitate customers to carry purchased items. For food packaging materials, its primary function is to provide convenience and practicality. In this regard, the strength of the paper bag makes it an absolute advantage, and only a strong enough outer packaging can prevent the food from falling off. Of course, in terms of liquid food packaging, kraft paper bags can prevent the outflow of liquid food and play a better role in packaging because they can remain unchanged in a humid environment.

Paper take out bags also represent corporate image and product advertising, so making paper bags must be environmentally friendly, beautiful, delicate and durable. There are no creases on the surface of the paper bag, and the adhesion is accurate. The paper bag is made by an automatic bag making machine, so the surface of the paper bag is smooth and flat. In addition, the hot sol has strong viscosity, rapid drying and strong adhesion, and the bearing capacity of the paper bag will also become more. solid. Traditional paper bag processing is done by hand folding and pasting. Often, there are fold lines on the surface of the paper bag. In addition, the white glue is slow to dry and solid, and when the amount is too large, it will cause overflow and sliding. The current vertical cotton rope handle does not need to be punched. If there is no knot, just use two pieces of kraft paper to fix the cotton rope with hot sol, and then fix the kraft paper on the paper bag, the appearance looks more delicate and beautiful.

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