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What is a Memory Foam Pillow? How to Identify it?

Ⅰ. What is a memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillow, also known as memory pillow, is made of polyurethane, which is a pillow with viscoelastic properties that automatically deforms according to the position of the head and neck, ensuring that the pillow is closely integrated with the neck at all times, and is particularly distinguished by its fixed head, preventing the head from slipping off and falling off the pillow.

Good memory foam pillows can absorb the impact, and the skin resting on the memory foam pillow feels no pressure; its ergonomic design, memory deformation, automatic shaping ability can fix the head, to prevent the occurrence of falling pillow; automatic shaping ability can properly fill the shoulder gap, to prevent the shoulder at the nest leakage and other conditions, can effectively prevent cervical spine trouble. The memory foam pillow is anti-microbial and anti-mitotic; the slow-rebounding foam effectively prevents mould growth and is particularly effective in repelling mould growth and irritating odours. Memory foam pillows are also breathable and hygroscopic, as each cell unit is interconnected and has good hygroscopic properties and good breathability.

Ⅱ. How to identify a memory foam pillow?

1. The production process

Memory foam pillows have two styles including molded memory pillow and cutting memory pillow, molded memory pillow using a series of processes such as adding additives, foaming, mold pressing, made of higher density than cutting memory pillow, usually about 70-100D with a better feel. Cutting memory pillow is actually the purchase of finished slow rebound foam pillow, cut into the shape of the pillow. As molding is by cutting not mold plus additives, its internal does not add other additives.

2. Feeling and temperature sensing

High-grade memory foam pillow is temperature-sensitive, can be softened or hardened according to changes in temperature. You can see the handprint without applying pressure when you put your hand on it. High-grade memory foam feels comfortable to the touch, pinching up very much like pinching dough. The quality of slightly poor memory pillows either feel a little bit unpleasant to the touch, or more rigid.

3. Pressing rebound time

Memory foam pillows are more appropriate rebound time of about 3-5 seconds. Time is too short to play a slow rebound role, too long will lead to body stiffness. Many consumers mistakenly believe that the longer the memory foam pillow rebound time means the better the quality, which is a misconception.

4. The life of the pillow

The quality and service life of memory foam pillow are directly related to the pure material polyurethane. Pure polyurethane can achieve more than 5 years without deformation. If it is added with raw materials such as talcum powder internally to increase the density and weight, the quality of the pillow is substantially reduced, generally only 1-2 years of service life.

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