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What Positive Effect Does Memory Foam Have on Human Body Health?

1. What is the memory foam?

Memory foam is actually a polyurethane foam, with chemicals added to help increase density and viscosity. It is sometimes used as viscoelasticity. Memory foam is high-density and actually softens your body's thermal response, which makes it possible to shape your body in only a few minutes. When it is under a lower density reaction pressure, the mold will be pressed to match the shape of it. Once you remove the pressure, it will get its original shape again. Once the stress is removed, memory foam are able to recover faster as an modern example.

2. The advantages of memory foam

When a person is lying on a memory foam bed, the pressure sensing and temperature sensing functions of memory foam can respond to your body shape, weight and body temperature, so that it makes the bed fits perfectly with the human body, which gives people a sense of weightlessness and stress-free status, without prominent stress points, and avoids numbness, fatigue, and soreness of the limbs.

The test conducted by the Lillhagen Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden shows that memory foam can significantly reduce the number of turns during sleep by 70%, which will greatly improve the quality of sleep. It is also conducive to the efficiency of blood circulation and promotes deep sleep. The memory foam's ability of automatic shaping makes the posture more natural when sleeping, which is beneficial to health, and avoid spine deformation. If you have any requirements for custom memory foam, please contact Texpack.

High density memory foam can reduce 87% of the gravitational pressure on the neck, spine and buttocks of the human body. Deformation of the spine can cause many diseases. So if some middle-aged and elderly friends have already deformed their spine, the mattress can help correct the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, etc.) in a natural posture, and prevent the deterioration of the spine deformity. In the medicine, it is also beneficial to alleviate body pain, which is suitable for postoperative rehabilitation, and its breathability can also help avoid the occurrence of bedsores.

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