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When to use a Baby Pillow?

1. The importance of baby pillows

When the baby is 3 months old, the body begins to develop and grow. The 3-month-old baby begins to learn to raise his head, and the spine begins to bend forward naturally. The spine is no longer straight, and it follows with the growing of the baby, his or her shoulder gradually widens. In order to make the sleeping position suitable, the baby should start to use the baby pillow.

2. Requirements for the seclection of baby pillows

A baby pillow that is too high or low is not conducive to the growth and development of the baby. It will also affect the smooth breathing and blood circulation in the neck. It will also affect the baby's sleep quality and mental state to varying degrees. We know that the baby is growing up. Part of the time is spent in sleeping. The baby recuperates and adjusts himself or herself through sleep, and grows and develops during sleep.

The baby starts to use the baby pillow after 3 months, and its height is about 3-4cm. The choice of infant baby pillow should be suitable for the baby's body. Only the most suitable one is the best baby pillow. The height of the baby pillow should be moderate and the length should be slightly larger than the baby's shoulder width, the width is equal to the head length, and appropriate adjustments should be made according to the baby's continuous growth and development.

Because the baby's metabolism is relatively strong and the head sweats more, the pillowcase is best made of soft white or light-colored cotton. The pillow core should be light, breathable, hygroscopic, and moderately soft. In order to ensure the health of the baby, the baby pillows should be washed and dried regularly.

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