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Recommended Products for the Car: Memory Foam Pillow + Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion

What exactly is the role of the memory foam pillow, which is very popular on the market now, than the general car pillow? After research, the memory foam pillow material can be anti-bacterial and anti-mites, not only inhibit the reproduction of mould, but also repel the harmful smell generated by the reproduction and growth of mould.

In addition, good memory foam pillows are breathable and moisture-absorbing. The reason for this is that memory foam pillows are interconnected between each cell unit and have excellent moisture absorption properties, as well as being breathable.

When you drive, do you experience the following situations? Whether it's a long run or a self-drive, the neck and lower back are unsupported and prone to tension, fatigue and unbearable aches and pains.

And memory foam pillows have the role of absorbing pressure and impact; the most obvious is the ability of automatic shaping can fix the head; automatic shaping can be a good way to fill the shoulder gap, reduce some common problems caused by wind leakage at the shoulder nest. It can also effectively prevent cervical spine problems; for car owners who often drive, there is a certain degree of protection for the neck and spine.

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