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Functions of Memory Sponge Pillow

Ⅰ. Introduction to Memory Foam Pillow

The memory foam pillow is made of memory foam, which forms the inherent shape of the head and neck.

Memory foam can also be called a temperature-sensitive pressure-reducing material. It has an open structure with temperature-sensitive pressure-reducing characteristics and is a slow rebound material. This material was first used in aerospace and is now used in pillows, which has a good effect on helping people sleep. Guangzhou Texpack Manufacturing Limited, as one of the memory foam pillow suppliers, provides high-quality memory foam pillows, memory foam lumbar cushions, memory foam cushions, and memory foam mattresses.

Ⅱ. The function of memory foam pillow

1. Good protection ability and excellent chemical resistance

It is chemically inert to most acids, soda and salts, so it has a good liquid barrier protection function.

2. Good air permeability, porous material

Because the fiber is fine, liquid water, oil, etc. are not easily permeated, while gas and water vapor can pass through, which has excellent waterproof and air permeability.

3. Good function of preventing the penetration of solid particles

The special physical structure can completely block tiny mites and dust to prevent them from penetrating.

4. Excellent anti-bacterial effect

It can be used for the packaging of sterile medical products.

5. Durable and not easy to fluff.

6. High-impact and excellent dimensional stability

The material is waterproof, so the size of it basically does not change with humidity, and it is easy to be processed. The dimensional stability is excellent under constant temperature conditions with a relative humidity of 0-100%.

7. Good flexibility, not easy to deform

It can still maintain toughness and flexibility at -73 degrees, and begin to shrink at 118 degrees; melting starts at 135 degrees. Therefore, the heating temperature should not exceed 79 degrees to avoid deformation. It is not recommended to iron finished home textiles.

8. Durable

It can be folded more than 20,000 times and has good folding resistance.

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